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My fun night in San Jose

Well I have a sexy TS friend that I use to meet often, but we lost contact after I got into a relationship. She was a very dominate girl. She was hispanic with the sexiest ass, nice perfect tits, and a cock that I would beg for. She wasn’t huge, but who am I to judge I could barely handle her.

There was one time I went up there for a fitness expo and it was during gay pride so she was out at that, while I was at my expo. She text me around mid night to leave the hotel door open, be completely naked and that I could not look back when she walked in. If I did then she would leave. So I did not want her to catch me off gaurd so I layed in the bed naked for an hour on my stomach waiting for her to walk in.

After an hour went by I hear the door open and I hoped it was her, not some random person walking in. I hear that person walking in and then she slid up my back side, wearing a skirt I can fill her cock press between my cheeks and her nice tits against my back, she whispers, are you ready my good little bottom boy. I replied with a mown, while moving my ass around her rising cock. She pulled my ass in the air at this moment and buried her face into my ass. She loved eating my ass, said that it tasted so good and I did a good job keeping it clean for her. Now she is also strictly a top as well. She ate my ass for 20 mins spreading it open, to slid in her tongue. I kind of wanted to see if I could fuck her tonight also, I knew she wouldnt go for it, so After she ate me out doggy style we 69’d.

I would suck her nice hard cock while she ate my ass, she would suck my cock some times but loved my ass to much to keep her lips off of it. As she drove her cock into my mouth, I would try not to gag, I began to tease her ass. It was really tight, she said nothing has ever been in there before when I first meet her. I teased it and got it wet with my saliva, sliding in the tip of my finger, she got pissed and said your my bottom boy, I don’t bottom. So I said I am sorry and got down on my knees and sucked her cock sooo good i put every effort into it, so she wouldnt be mad.

After this I sat her down and let her cock slid into my ass from reverse cowboy. I am really tight so it was a long process sliding it in, but once she felt it go all the way in, she started to thurst hard. Making my wish I was on my stomach so I can bite the pillow. It hurt a little bit but felt soooo good. She then fliped my over on my stomach and started to fuck my from the back. Grabbing my ass, telling me to tell her to fuck me harder. Calling my her bottom boy over and over. This went on for another 15 mins, until she said she was ready to cum.

As soon as she was ready to cum she pulled out to cum on my ass, but I dropped to my knees and took her in my mouth. I have never swallowed at this point ever. I can feel her cock pulsing over and over in my mouth ready to explode. Right when shes about to cum I feel her hands grab my head and she thrusts her cock deep in my mouth. She didnt cum as much as I thought she would, but it tasted so good, that I wish she would have.

Her cock was still hard but she couldnt take much more. So i slid on top of her and teased her cock with the edge of my ass. She got mad because it tickled so much, that she thrusted in my ass again and instantly started to cum again.

She laid there lifeless while I was still hard, I asked how would you like me to cum, and she replied how ever you like. So I slid my cock deep in her mouth and started to face fuck her, because lets be honest shes a top and doesnt suck the best dick. I knew that she had also never tasted cum before too. I found this odd since shes been open about her before she was a teenager, but I guess shes just 100% top. Right when I was about to cum I went to pull out to cum on her tits like before she pulled me back in her mouth and I cam. I did not think she realized that I cum ALLOT. I felt bad because it sent her running to the rest room because her mouth began to over flow. She walked back in the room and smiled and told me shes going to get me back next time.

Unfortunitly that was the last time…

Hope you like my story, I apologize for the horrible grammar and spelling. Its not my strongest.

Hung N the City

At Brandis and Miller Inc, Mike is finishing his last day of a 6 month internship as a law student and will soon face a tight job market in a field that is difficult to find work in. Being the only male beyond a janitorial role in the firm, he has encountered some hostility from many of the women working there, from lower staff all the way up to top level senior officers. His previous enounter with the 2 top officers were of particular interest. Gloria, the 49 year old brown haired curvy vice president of the company showed her vile attitude toward him when he had just started. In an effort to make a good initial impression, he went around introducing himself to everyone. When he came into Gloria’s office, she talked down to him harshly.

“Hi, Gloria, I’m the new intern, Mike. Nice to meet you. Very excited to…”

Excuse me. In case you aren’t aware, I am a very busy woman. I don’t care who you are or what you’re excited about. Not sure why you are talking to me but I’m gonna need you to stop right now and get the fuck out of my office. Got it?

Deeply humiliated, he left her alone and had great difficulty moving on from such a hostile encounter. Through it all, he stayed focused and did a great job during his employment. With regard to Yolonda, the CEO of the firm, his encounter with her was more pleasant. On his second day, he went into the restroom and there she was standing at the urinal. Standing just a few feet away from her, he couldn’t resist pulling his eyes over. What he saw was the biggest most aggressive looking cock in his life and he had seen quite a few, being bisexual himself. It was so big that he felt his blood pressure instantly increase from excitement. The 47 year old amazon stood there, in her skin tight expensive business slacks and sleeveless silk top, shiny jewelry, blonde hair tied up in a tight bun allowing him to see the defined contours of her beautiful face. She was already done relieving herself when he entered but was standing there doing her post pee shake, flopping her giant appendage around a few more times, as if she wanted him to look at it. He sees her massive arrow shaped bright red head and long flaccid shaft in her hand for several seconds before she tucks it back in. While doing so, she looks over at Mike and catches him staring. Smiling arrogantly she says,

I hate being this hung sometimes, having to stand here and shake forever. There’s always one more drip when you’re this big. Hmmm…

She zips up and heads out the door, giving him a perfect view of her meaty shapely ass in those tight pants on her way out. The memory is stamped in his mind permanently, never to be forgotten and replays every night as he falls asleep. Craving her has been eating away at him ever since. Now, having just finished his last day and boarding the elevator to head down to the lobby for the final time, Gloria and Yolonda rush into it with him at the last second, running late to a business meeting across the city. The tall and strikingly beautiful ladies stand right in front of him, chatting to each other about business plans, ignoring Mike’s presence as usual. Their strong perfume quickly fills the small space. He looks down at their ass and thick, defined legs, exposed by short skirts and perfectly accentuated by their high heels. Quite a nice visual treat in his final moments at the firm.

The elevator display slowly counts down floor after floor. 24, 23, 22, 21, 20…
When it gets to the 15th floor, things take an unexpected turn. The elevator slows down noticeably and then a loud bang is heard. Violent shakes occur, nearly knocking them off their feet. Mike’s heart races and all 3 scream in fear as it grinds it’s way to a rough stop. Mike, Gloria and Yolonda collect themselves, calming their fear, waiting helplessly and nervously for it to fall again.

Gloria) Fuck, perfect, just perfect. Unbelievable.

She opens the panel under the display and calls the service department. They indicate that they are aware of the problem, and instruct the 3 of them to remain calm and be patient. They also ask if there are any lights on, due to the camera feed being destroyed and showing total darkness on their screen. Even in this circumstance both ladies are yet to acknowledge Mike. He stands there for while and keeps to himself, figuring they don’t want to speak to him anyway.

As times goes on, he continues looking at their bodies, fantasizing about them to occupy his mind as they complain endlessly about how hard their lives are, ignorant of their extreme privilege. He thinks of that huge penis he knows Yolonda is packing. Once again it’s just feet away from him. Excitement takes hold as he realizes that he may have a golden opportunity on his hands. “What if” he thinks to himself. “What if…she’ll let me…blow her? We might fall to our deaths, she could use one last sucking. They both could.”

Over the next 10 minutes, now 40 minutes into being trapped, he is nervously sorting out in his head how to make his offer to them. Shocked at what he is about to do in such a dark moment, he works up the nerve to just go for it.

“Excuse me, ladies.”

They turn and look at him, annoyed and listening.

“Uh, I…uh…was thinking…th…that, maybe umm…………..would either of you like…a blowjob?”

They stare at each other, confused.

“I,…I’m serious. Look, we might die in here. They still haven’t made it to us. You 2 don’t remember me but I’m the intern. Today is my last day. I find you both very hot and would love the opportunity to pleasure you both right now. What do you have to lose, right? Please, I want to.”

Yolonda) Well, you got some balls coming out with a proposal like that. Huh…hmmm. That doesn’t sound like a terrible idea to me. Gloria?

As she ponders, danger makes itself known again and the elevator slams hard against the surrounding walls.


Gloria) DAMN!!!…You know what, kid. Why the fuck not. We just might die in here…and I have a hard on anyway. Let’s do it.

The surreal moment comes true as the ladies approach Mike. Yolonda faces him, pulls her skirt up revealing no underwear and her beautiful shaved meat falls out, swinging around right in front of him, just as beautiful as he remembered. It does not fail to shock him again, the size of it being almost inhuman. She steps up close to him and he gets on his knees. Taking hold of it, he is captivated by the smooth skin and huge head. It starts to grow and get heavy in his hand. With it half erect, he shoves as much of it in his mouth as he can, with the musky sweaty taste saturating his cheeks and tongue. He has never had this much trouble sucking a cock, having to stretch his jaw painfully wide to accommodate her girth. Bobbing his back and forth, her large wrinkled balls swing around and smack against his neck, making it more difficult to resist gagging. Yolonda tilts her head back, moaning and being impressed with Mike’s skills. She grabs his head and pulls him closer, forcing herself deeper down his throat, choking him.

Oh yeah. Suck mama’s corporate dick, nice and good. Just like that. Whoo, slow down little guy, nice and steady.

Gloria, having stood by and watched thus far, has become fully aroused at the pleasure her associate is experiencing and lifts her own skirt, pulling her panties off and kicking them aside. Then she lifts her buttoned shirt up, letting her double d tits and erect nipples hang freely. Mike sees out the corner of his eye her huge swinging dick approaching. She stands over him and bounces it up and down against his shoulder, leaving a few drops of pre cum soaking into his shirt.

Removing Yolonda from his mouth, he turns and grabs Gloria’s, which seems to be even bigger. Her genitals are in many ways a polar opposite to Yolonada’s. She has a thick curly brown bush extending almost to her stomach and almost completely covering her middle aged sagging balls. Her dick is a few shades darker than the rest of her olive skin, with a thick fleshy foreskin. As he brings it closer to his mouth, he can smell a strong ass odor on it from being tucked in between her cheeks all day. Pulling the long sweaty foreskin back allows some smelly creamy discharge to leak from it onto the floor. This is the most disgusting dick he has yet encountered but the incredibly hot moment and his hyper aroused state of mind, along with the massive size of her allows him to shove it right in his mouth without hesitation and suck on it with enthusiasm. With both fiercely endowed women standing over him, feeling the heat from their large bodies, he alternates between sucking each one for several minutes as they moan in pleasure and breathe heavily. Even as the elevator continues to periodically grind and shake, they ignore it, escaping into the sexual bliss.

He caresses their strong shapely smooth legs for awhile. In her excitement, Yolonda grabs his hand and wraps it around her balls, telling him to squeeze them. A few minutes pass then Gloria grunts and twitches, pulls her dick out of his mouth and immediately sprays ejaculate forward, hitting Mike’s face and splattering all over the wall behind him. Yolonda instructs Mike to stand up and drop his pants. As he unzips, she grabs them and throws them down herself, overwhelmed by an intense mixture of fear and arousal. She turns him around and with more strength than he imagined she would have, and easily bends him over. Just a second later he feels his ass being penetrated by the CEO of the firm. The pressure makes him gasp as his rectum is forced open. She starts pumping away with reckless force, slamming herself deep into him, without a condom or lube. She grabs his arms and pulls him into her even harder. While getting dominated by her, Gloria has another erection and puts her cock back in his mouth, still dripping her cum from the first orgasm. She holds his head still and thrusts her hips back and forth.

Both women are having their way with him, pouring sweat from their faces, ravaging Mike in their hyper aggressive sexual hunger. The elevator shakes once more. Yolonda lets out a bloody scream and quickly pulls out, bursting hard all over his back and neck for the first few contractions. Her orgasm becomes even stronger and her cum fires farther, hitting Gloria’s stomach while she face fucks Mike. With his hands now free, he jerks himself to an orgasm while Gloria releases her 2nd one right into his mouth this time. Her long dick shoots straight down his throat, forcing him to swallow every burst she releases. After being free from their grip, he drops to his hands and knees to catch his breath as they slowly massage their cocks back to a flaccid state.

With everyone suddenly sober, he looks on as they quietly begin to put their clothes back in position and struggle to tuck their huge semi swollen cocks under such small skirts. While pulling his pants back up, Mike notices the big cum load Gloria shot, still running down the wall and pooling on the floor in the corner.

Now dressed and still in shock at what just transpired, he stands there behind them again, a somber silence having replaced the sexual excitement that distracted them just a moment earlier. He notices Yolonda writing on her business note pad, while Gloria twirls her hair.

He remains quiet as well for the remainder of their stay, thinking about the difficulty finding a job he is about to face. The rescue team finally arrives an hour later and the mood takes a much needed change to optimism. The sound of another human voice has never been more appreciated. They lower the elevator to the lobby, pry the doors open and help them all out one at a time. Before she climbs out, Yolonda pats Mike on his chest and smiles seductively. Standing in the hallway able to once again breathe fresh air, he looks on as the hung ladies are embraced by the cheerful staff. Soon after, they power walk toward the main door and disappear into the busy streets, back to business as usual. He heads to the restroom to wipe their mess from his face. While looking at himself in the mirror, he notices a card in his shirt pocket, right where Yolonda patted him moments ago. On the backside she had written,

Way to take initiative. Exactly the qualities we need here. Call me next week, I’ll get you a job with a great salary!

Dominated by a rough Thai massager in Pattaya

About 4 days into my 2 week trip I decided to go for a nice long deep massage. There are massage joints all over Thailand and they are dirt cheap too. But I didn’t want any massage though, I wanted it to be done by one of the sexiest ladyboys going.

As usual, the sun is shinning down, it is absolutely piping hot outside. After a nice sun bathing session, I took a shower and decided to go looking for a nice rub down. Not too far from my hotel I walked around the back streets of soi 6. It didn’t take me long before I was hailed by a number of GGs and ladyboys for a massage. I kept on walking as none of them stood out for me.

Then I saw her, or should I say them, a ladyboy who had enormous boobs and a nice toned body, cute face, around a size 12 with gently applied makeup and good looks. She was wearing her work gown made up of brown and orange, pretty boring but the breast were on full display. I was hypnotised by her beauty and relaxed calm looks. Being with her was a must, no excuses!

We agreed a price of 500 bhat for a full body massage and before you know it, I was entering a dark mysterious looking building and walking up a wooden staircase that creaked with every step. Of course I’m thinking to myself, this girl could cut my body up and sell me off as Thai food and nobody would know. Dangerous move but worth the risk as all of that paranoid nonsense was rubbish.

We enter a room which is lit with mood lighting, two beds which are covered by curtains, old Thai decor is all over the room, dark, sleek and sexy. She tells me to get onto the bed and tells me she will be back. I sit, I wait, I try to set up my spy camera to record what is going to take place but gave up. After what feels like an eternity, she is back, wearing less clothes now, just underwear. She wore a spectacular silky smooth black knickers and bra combo that looked stunning.

I get a good clear shot of her body now and it is firm and solid. Her whole body looks like pure muscle I kid you not, minimal fat. It looks as if she goes to the gym, everything is toned and her legs look as if she runs. Her skin is beautiful, soft and caramel brown due to the nice hot sunshine providing her with a tan.

We sat on the bed, she instructs me to take my clothes off and I comply. I strip down to my boxing shorts and dive back onto the bed where she begins to rub me down slowly on my back, professionally with care and attention to every action. We move into so many positions so that she can work my body properly, what a dream as I slowly fall under her spell.

An hour is up, my body feels worn, relaxed and used when she decides to hop up on the bed onto her knees and as I lay on my back, she makes a gesture that she will suck my cock. I say “ok” and she replies “how much you give”?. I tell her I have only 500 for the massage, she sighs, pauses and begins to reach for my cock anyway. She reaches for my boxers and pulls them off in a hurry.

She bows down and uses her beautiful soft mouth to lick and suck on the head of my cock. Pulling and tugging on my dick which is rock hard and ready to go into action. She sucks intensively for around 10 mins before pulling away. I tell her I want to see her later, she pauses and whispers to me that she is a ladyboy. I laugh and tell her I know, and with that she pulls down her black knickers past her solid strong thighs to reveal her thick 9 inch cock, definitely bigger than mine. Her tool was longer, thicker and very dangerous looking.

I gave her cock a few sucks and slurps before telling her that we will continue this later. We exchanged numbers (of which I still have) and agreed on a 1000 bhat sex session at my hotel later that evening at 11pm. I left the parlour with a smile on my face and thought about how I would give it to her later that evening.

It’s around 10:55pm and I get a phone call, it’s the hotel reception to tell me I have a guest, I wonder who that could be now. I kid you not, she was at my door a few mins before our agreed time. A tap at the door, I look through the peep hole and she’s there, she put in an effort and looks stunning. I make her wait for a moment, let her think I’m busy before opening the door and letting her into my cool room.

She enters my room, her high heels make a tap sound as she walks across the tiled floor before sitting on my bed. We have a little chat and I ask her why does her body looks so strong, she explains that it’s the hormones that she takes. She ask if she can take a shower before jumping in. Of course I would have joined her but fucking ladyboys isn’t the same as fucking GGs as you know, they have a dick. And of course there’s loads of anal sex involved. And of course anal sex may involve shit, so you have to let a trans do what they have to do in privacy.

Ok, shower done and she dries herself off. I can’t sit there and watch, I approach her damp body and grab her by the waist. We kiss, a seductive slow kiss that makes time stand still. I grab her firm amazing tits and play with her hard thick nipples on my tongue. We move towards the bed embraced in a lock, sucking and licking wildly.

We release and move into a 69 position, not saying a word to each other, just knowing what we have to do and doing it to. I struggle to get her cock down my throat, this thing looks bigger than at the parlour. I doubt whether I can handle all of her. The room is heating up. The AC blows onto our naked bodies cooling us down as the friction provides all the heat we need. After swallowing her sweet precum down my throat and into my stomach.. it’s time. The time for her to fuck me.

I have the condoms and lube ready under the pillows this time. I give her one before she rolls it onto her shaft, applies lube. Her long stick is waving to me and moving a second after her into whatever direction. I position my self into a doggy position with my palms on the wall where a headboard would be, on my knees. She is behind me, approaching me, gearing to go and waddles towards me on the firm bed, making it creek with every movement.

I can feel the strength of her body, she guides me into the position that she wants and desires. There’s a pause.. silence as she squeezes her stiff cock into me.. I moan out “shit”! The realisation that she is going to hurt me and that she is going to fuck the shit out of me. She begins to push her dick inside of me, holding my waist so that she could apply more force and continues to destroy my ass!

She is enjoying herself, letting out all her stress, not holding back, pounding on my hole as I feel nothing but pure pain. I pulled her out of me in a hurry and scream for more lube. We take a breather, apply more lube before going at it again, same position with the same result. This time she feels as if she is deeper, I feel every inch inside of me. Every time she bumps her waist into me I make a coughing noise that I cannot contain, she ignores that and keeps going as I moan in pain.

She continues to pound away, the bed was shaking and thudding, I can’t take it anymore, doggy position is hurting me too much I attempt to push her off of me. I say attempt because she wasn’t having it, she was enjoying what was taking place. This is the moment where this could have been seen as rape if I had not been the one who organised our sexual encounter.

This sexy delicious ladyboy used her strength to force me onto my belly and fucked the loving daylights out of me. She was clearly stronger than me and I go to the gym. I could feel her pinning me down and she was not stopping. All I could do was moan and take it, and it fucking hurt as hell. All I could do was close my eyes and take it as she grunted with every push of her cock. Pulling back and ramming into me, I couldn’t even speak, just make a coughing noise.

Until she moaned, I know why she moaned, you know why she moaned, she’s reached her climax, she’s done what she had to do and filled the condom with her thick creamy juices. She pulls out of me with a suction noise from my anus. I can’t move, I have to lay there for a moment. I look at her in shock, disbelief as to how she fucked me.

I want revenge, I tell her “ok, your turn let me fuck you now”. She laughs and says “no way”. She knows I wanted to be just as rough and rowdy as she was, not caring if I was in pain. I say ok and tell her next time. She ask for another position but I tell her I don’t want anymore after just 30 mins.

I didn’t call her again, do you really think I would take on her again? I did walk past the massage parlour and saw her a couple of times just sitting there waiting for a next unsuspecting customer who will take on more than they think they can handle.

Here’s a picture of her, if you want to take her on PM me and I can give you her name, number and location. She’s clearly 100% top, I think she gets off on fucking men as rough as possible.

Of course I needed a two day break from anal sex after that one. After she left, I saw a couple blood spots on the tissue after dabbing my arse. My anus was sore for days, she ripped me apart.

And to the rest of you, do not be fooled by a pretty face. Ladyboys are horny and ready to go, some will barely get a customer all day so they are dying to let it all out.. where ever you want it

One more story to come..

A rather unexpected orgasm

Hey guys,
This is the first time i’ve written about one of my arrangements but i simply can’t let these incredibly sexy encounters go un-noted. I have chosen this session as my first because it’s one of my favourite encounters yet! I hope you guys enjoy hearing about the sessions from the escorts point of view and don’t hesitate in boxing me if you have any recommendations on how my posts can improve! I do want to make them more story like as I go along!

Oh crap, they were 5 minutes away and I was still sat there in my Trackie bottoms and half done makeup.

A week prior, i received a phone call from a lovely lady named Sarah who wanted to make an arrangement for her and her partner as a surprise anniversary present. It’s not everyday I have the female part of a couple call me and I Loved how open she seemed and thought this was an awesome gift! I arranged for Sarah and Tom to come round for an hour with myself however I had told Dakota (my flat mate) about it and we had agreed she would join in as an extra surprise for the couple.

Dakota was rushing around adding the finishing touches to our bedroom while I was struggling to undo the knot in my red lace lingerie when the buzzer went. I rushed over to the door while trying to get my foot in my heel as i opened the door.

Infront of me stood these two quirky, bubbly looking individuals. Sarah was short (5’7), curvy, pale, with a few colourful tattoos poking through her clothes. Tom was a good looking, shortish (5′, black hair, short beard and a few tattoos. I instantly knew this was going to be a steamy fun session. I led them into the living room and introduced them to Dakota as i popped open a few bottles of budwiser. I could sense they were both a little nervous so popped open my weed box and told them to help themselves, which they did. We engaged in conversation, discussing their likes and dislikes and what had encouraged them to come see us. I could sense the sexual tension in the air so i suggested we head to the bedroom and in we went.

I jumped on the bed with Sarah as i helped take off her clothes and slowly kissing her soft, ivory skin. Dakota and Tom were stood close by snogging while dekota unfastened Toms shirt buttons before joining us on the bed. There was an incredibly playful aura to the couple which made the session a lot more fun. I couldn’t keep up with who i was kissing at one point as we just swapped around while playing with each other. I started sucking on Tom’s cock while dekota licked Sarah out, she sucked me off while Tom sucked Dakota. It all seemed to flow really naturally, and even though they’re was a lot going on it didn’t seem chaotic or forced.

I loved how rough Tom was as he didn’t hesitate slapping me across the face and wrapping his fist around my hair as i choked on his cock. I looked over to see Dakota with a massive grin on her face as she slipped her entire fist in and out of Sarahs pussy. The next 10 minutes were spent with all three of us playing and licking Sarah then she finally squirted all over my face which was hot as hell and tasted really nice. We then turned our attention to Tom, but by this point Dakota was itching to cum so she gripped Toms hair, rammed her cock to the back of his mouth and within seconds was squirting her hot cum all over his face. I stated i need to pee and Tom had told us he was into watersports so Dektoa forced him to lay down on the floor as i pissed in his mouth. He swallowed every bit as he grinned.

Tom then gripped my hair and threw me to my knees while sarah was sucking on dakotas cock. He spat on his cock and just rammed it deep inside me without a single hesitation. It felt amazing as he pounded me hard and deep but within minutes he was pulling and out squirting all over my back. I looked over to see Sarah on her back with Dakota pounding her while talking about how different it felt. All i could think about was how desperately i needed to cum so i put a condom back on tom and bounced on it till i cum all over his chest then Sarah proceeded to lick it up then made out with Dakota.

We all lay on the bed, feeling satisfied as we passed around another joint and talked about the different fetishes and scenarios we would like to try.

Fantastic session that made me wish all couples were a little more open minded! maybe less men would cheat.

Roxy xx

Dominated by a TS mistress

It was now a couple of years since my first and only meet with a tgirl. I met an Asian woman a few years ago and I was very much in control, she sucked me, I rimmed, fucked her and I promptly left. Being a straight guy I felt kind of weird about the experience and decided it would best be a one time thing, something to tick off and I forgot about it for a while. Eventually my initial curiosity started to grow again and I started to watch an increasing amount of TS porn and came across videos were tgirls would dominate guys. I was kind of shocked by this but also kind of turned on. It was something totally different to anything I had seen let alone experienced and I found myself imagining what it would be like to be a toy for a dominant TS mistress. I began to look online on swingers sites looking at various mistresses who were looking for slaves but had never met any. The ones I liked the look of weren’t in my city, plus I didn’t know if I was ready, I thought this might be something way out of my comfort zone.

One day I was browsing on the site and to my surprise, one of the mistresses I had fantasised about before happened to be in my city that weekend. She was Brazilian,5’5″ tall with long black hair, looked feminine but was very well endowed and apparently very dominant. Without really thinking I sent her a message, I explained that I was a curious sub guy and I wanted to serve her. She messaged me back with her phone number and told me to send her naked photos from the front, behind and more face pics. Immediately, I stripped down, got my phone out and did as she said sending the pictures. After a few minutes my mistress replied, she was pleased and she said she liked “young, inexperienced slave boys” and that she would message me when I was needed.

I had largely forgotten about this and didn’t really expect anything to materialise these messages. In my head this was still very much just a fantasy but two days later I was home alone, it was the evening and my phone screen lit up. It was her, the message read “Slave, you are to come to me and serve me at 11pm” and attached was an address as well as instructions of what to do. I had been summoned and was panicking as to what I should do, who knew what she would do to me? I was thinking, could I really go through with this? What would people think if they found out?! Then again, when would I get a chance to live out such a fantasy again? Plus I had now promised myself to this mistress. It was now 10:30 and I stopped debating the situation, put on my coat and left.

The address was about a 30 minute walk from mine and I looked it up following maps on my phone. Those 30 mins raced by, my mind occupied with the thought of what could happen to me and I text mistress that I had arrived and approached the hotel building . I opened the front door which was open just as she said it would be and the reception was totally empty, nobody was there. I started to walk up the stairs, my legs trembling slightly and I finally reached the top floor as instructed. A door wide open, awaiting my arrival stood in front of me, I took a deep breath and walked in.

I took two steps in and my mistress stood facing me. She looked a lot like her photos, perhaps slightly more muscular than I had imagined but nevertheless good. She wore knee high boots, a leather corset, black stockings and a short black skirt. She welcomed me in and asked me how my journey was, speaking in a thick accent with quite a soft yet demanding voice and I replied nervously telling her it was fine. She beckoned me further towards her and I took a few steps forward. She was quite clearly looking over me and after a few second of silence she spoke. “Remove your clothes” she demanded. I looked at her then replied “yes mistress” and did as she said. I took off every last piece of my clothing and stood in front of her totally naked. Next she pointed to the bed and instructed me to sit on all fours in the middle of it and face the wall. Now I sat totally exposed and my mistress walked around me, inspecting my nude body, I started to feel increasingly vulnerable. She did not say much but soon I felt her presence over me, she put her arm up to my neck and attached something. She had attached a dog collar around my neck and I was now on a chain, she pulled it side to side testing it and I moved with it. Satisfied she got onto the bed kneeling in front of me. It was very clear I was no longer in control, I started to feel very submissive and part of me wanted to leave but I felt an overwhelming need to obey her.

She yanked my chain towards her, pulling my face towards hers and she kissed me deeply, her tongue in my mouth. Suddenly she stopped and maintained her grip on my chain but moved away to look at me in the face.
“You’re going to be my bitch and do exactly as I say” she spoke commandingly. I couldn’t believe I was actually in this situation but I replied “yes mistress”, however I doubted wherever this was even a question at this point. “Good boy” she replied and she relaxed her grip allowing my head to look down once more. As my head retuned, I came to realised whist she was kissing and commanding me she had lifted her skirt and moved her panties. A huge cock was now exposed looking me in the face, it was rock hard at least 8 inches, very thick,with a huge curve. I knew what she wanted and before I could say anything she pulled my chain hard towards it and my mouth opened around it. It was huge, much bigger than my own and although this was my first time I began to suck it the best I could, taking as much of it into my mouth as possible. She was enjoying it and began to thrust into my mouth as I sucked causing me to gag loudly. Then, she suddenly pulled her cock away and pulled my chain, looking me in the face. “Tell me you love sucking mistresses cock” she demanded. “I love sucking your cock mistress” I stuttered, in disbelief of what I was saying. She pulled me back down to carry on and I felt extremely humiliated but continued to pleasure her.

As I continued mistress now began to feel my body and grab my ass, spreading my cheeks and playing with them. I felt and heard a hard “smack” as she spanked me aggressively and I may have let out a moan had mouth been able. This continued for some time until I felt two lubed fingers enter my virgin hole. I had never experienced anal other than maybe a finger and she started to slide them in and out of me whist I had my head buried in her crotch. It felt ok, not unpleasant, but strange and I started to groan as she worked and loosened my tight ass. “You’ve been fucked before haven’t you?” mistress questioned. I told her I hadn’t but unconvinced she called me liar. I promised her I hadn’t and she said ” I’m going to be your first then slave”. She then told me to beg her to fuck me. “Please mistress will you fucked me in the ass” I exclaimed humiliated with a bright red face. Pleased she got up put on a condom, covered her cock in lube before smearing my hole in lube still using her fingers on me.

She instructed me to lay on my side and she lay behind me, her cock between my ass cheeks. I could feel the tip of it pressed against my hole and she slowly started move with increasing pressure into me, before I knew it I had given way and her head was inside me. I let out a yelp but In and out she started to pump slowly until she was managing to fuck me. It did hurt and could feel my hole being stretched hard but I was just about managing. After several minutes I was now commanded to do the work and I moved my ass back and forth feeling her slide in and out of me. I felt extremely submissive, not only was I being fucked I was now doing the work, riding her. Finally she commanded me to my knees pushed my head to the floor and pulled my ass cheeks apart exposing me even more. Now in doggy she slid herself back into me and grabbed me by the hips fucking me harder than ever before. It felt good but at the same time my ass burned. She then pulled my hair so hard I moaned in pain and she made me shout, telling her I love being fucked by her until she let go. Embarrassed I complied and after a while to some relief she stopped fucking me.

She now lay on her back, removed her condom and was still hard as a rock but briefly turned her attention to my cock. “Be ready to cum” she instructed, “when I cum your going to swallow my load and cum at the same time”. I started to play with myself for a little whilst mistress watched and after she was convinced I was close she forced my mouth back over her dick and I sucked away. Mistress was now close to cumming as well and as I started to moan. Faster and faster I sucked mistress and played with myself and before I knew it her cock twitched hard and she shot a load into my mouth. Accepting I swallowed taking it down before allowing myself to taste it and simultaneously I came over her leg and the bed sheets.

Satisfied that I had completed her task she allowed me to go to the bathroom to clean up myself and soon after I got redressed, thanked my mistress and left. The walk home was painful, each step a reminder of what I had just endured. Altogether the experience was every bit as extreme as I had feared but also hoped it would be and again I thought it best a one time thing. Only time will tell if it stays that way.

A hung Peruvian beauty used my ass

Browsing around the Transsexual escort ads here in town I found a new girl, something else than the typical manly faces with heavily photoshopped pictures. A Peruvian girl named Isabella had just arrived in town and was open for business. She has a few retouched pictures but also some natural selfies in which you can see she is an absolute stunner.

So, after the usual moment of doubt I decided to go for it and give her a call. She has an incredibly sweet and feminine voice, so much in fact I doubted if this was really the T-girl I had seen in the pictures. It was worth a shot, I agreed I would see her in 40 min. and a quick metro ride after I stood in front of her door. She opened up and was everything I thought and hoped she would be exactly like in the pictures. A beautiful slim girl with nice C+ breasts and a great ass.

After a quick shower and payment she asked me what I wanted and quickly undressed, stripping away her sexy pink bikini. Seeing that incredible 7 inch cock hanging between her legs I immediately got hard, I told her to come closer and took her still soft sweet shecock in my mouth. A few licks and strokes later and she was hard, I am definitely a fan of sucking cock so we moved to 69ing and she began licking my balls and stroking mine.

She had already rubbed her finger over my ass a few times and now she started to lick it too. Soon after she told me she wanted to fuck me and I laid down on my chest. Without warning she shoved her cock inside of me without a condom on. It was kind of kinky as I had never felt a cock inside of me without condom but resisting the urge to continue I asked her to put on some protection. After putting on a bright red condom and applying some extra lube she went at it again and started fucking my ass like there was no tomorrow.

She had been a little cold so far but that was all gone once she was inside of me, she clearly enjoy being on top and she was abusing my asshole like I´ve never felt before. She was incredibly rough and pumped her cock in and out of me at an insane speed and with a very firm grip on my sides. Even though it hurt a but at times as she went very deep, I love being fucked and it has a certain allure to be abused and dominated by a girl with a cock.

While she was ravaging me I lifted my ass a little and started to sit on hands an knees, when all of a sudden she jolted and stopped. When I asked her if something was wrong she told me she came inside of me. I hadn´t even notice, this beautifull t-girl enjoyed fucking my ass so much that she shot her load in me. She pulled out and I saw her condom was filled with a big juicy load. I had always fantasized of having a t-girl come inside of me and afterwards having her squeeze the cum out of the condom and have it drip all over my body, and so I asked her to do so. I started to jerk off and he dripped her huge warm creamy load over my cock, my chest and my face. Guys I´ll tell you, this was the horniest thing I have ever experienced and when I saw and tasted her cum I immediately shot my load all over myself.

This was an incredible experience that I won´t soon forget, I recommend all of you out there who are thinking of visiting a transsexual escort to go ahead and do so! Of course it´s scary and you can have some bad apples but when you do good research you might encounter a great girl like Isabella.

A Surprise Ass Fucking in Panties

A very curious thing happened to me the other day and I feel I need to share it with you…

I have been ‘mildly’ crossdressing for over a year now. I say ‘mildly’ because I am not into full feminization, I just love the feel and look of lace panties when they are hugging a good looking cock, not to mention the taboo. I have taken to wearing stockings too which feel amazing, it’s like having your whole lower half caressed persistently. I have thought of wearing a bra but, although I can almost imagine how amazing it would feel, I don’t think men look as good in them as women, by a long way. Panties though, well that is a different matter. Anyway, I digress, on to the story.

It was a Saturday evening and I had put on a pair of striking blue lace briefs. I had intended to keep them on while I read a few erotic stories online and maybe even take a few photos for others to enjoy but that idea was quashed the moment the door knocked. I quickly pulled on a pair of jeans and dived for the door. It was my friend Emmy, unannounced, she pushed the door open and walked right in. We had known each other for a long time and I suspected she was in a bad mood. My mind immediately turned to what was on my Laptop screen. I had just been looking at inspiration for my next photo shoot, a man in loose thread stockings, lace panties and a shirt and tie with suit Jacket. I awkwardly bumped Emmy away from the couch and shut my screen covertly. That would be the end of me, as I saw it, ridiculed for being gay or confused about my sexuality. You see I am a straight guy, I just did not know if anyone would understand my fetish and not have me pegged all wrong. Anyway, I got away with it, for now.

“I have left him!,” Emmy bleated.

“I have decided to move out. I have had enough and I walked,” Emmy now quite animated.

“I haven’t come around for a shoulder to cry on, that is all I am going to say about that bastard. Come on put your jacket on I want to go to the Pub and get thoroughly pissed!”

With that she threw my jacket at me and pushed me out of my front door.

Walking up the road I shuddered so hard I stopped myself in my tracks. I just realized I was wearing those bright blue lace panties, and I am outside of the comfort of my own home.

“What’s up?,” Emmy says tugging at my arm.

“Oh, nothing I just thought I forgot something,” I say shrugging it off and visually checking no lace can be seen poking out of my jeans.

The paranoia wears off by the time we are at the bar and a weird sensation of relief starts to blow over me. I walk to the table and can feel every little movement of the lace against my skin. I feel immense. My cock is engorged but not enough to show. Just enough to make me feel so very horny. I sit down with Emmy and we start to chat about anything but her ‘now ex-boyfriend’.

I struggle to concentrate as I start relishing my new confidence in wearing lace. In my mind my jeans have disappeared and I am just sitting there with my cock bound in lace, and it looks glorious.

A few drinks later and we are both getting visibly more giggly so we decide to move to a darker, more private part of the pub. Emmy sits down next to me and I start to feel an urge from within. Her closeness has spurred a furnace in me to ignite and I can feel my attraction toward Emmy grow hotter. You see, we dated once in our teens but we never fooled around much. I always felt like a bit of a prude, when deep inside I had wanted to just rip her clothes off and fuck her so much, but I never made a move.

I go and get a round of drinks in and dart to the toilet before returning to the table. I use a stall, just so no-one sees what I am wearing. Oh my, it feels so good as I reach down into my crotch and I take a moment to feel my throbbing cock through the lace pattern. When I return I feel like I have got a full on erection and try to just ignore it in the vain hope it would subside. I was wrong.

“Ahem, what are you smuggling?,” Emmy says with a wry smile as I place our drinks on the table.

A hot flush instantly washes over me. I know what she is talking about but I still say

“I’m sorry, what’s that?,” I exclaim as I sit back down next to her.

“Your cock, it looks massive in those Jeans! What did you do, or rather, who did you do while you were gone?,” Emmy says.

The brazen nature of the comment has me fighting for words. All I can utter is


“Don’t worry, no-one can hear us over here, or let alone see your massive boner!,” Emmy giggles.

“I am sorry, Emmy. You know what it’s like with us men, a ride on a Bus is enough to give us a boner!,” I say as I tuck my cock across my groin and pull my jumper forward to cover it up.

You see now that there is where I think I gave the game away. As I pulled my jumper forward and rolled my ass back on the bench awkwardly hiding my erection I exposed the lower part of my back, and my lace panties.

“Oh Humph! I do like your panties!,” Emmy exclaimed.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” I thought as my heart actually skipped a beat.

“Emmy, look, I can explain…,” I start to talk but Emmy puts her finger to my lips and says

“Hey, I’m not going to judge you Humphry. I just want a closer look!,” Emmy smiles as she leans behind me and pulls my Jeans open to expose the top back of my Lace underwear.

“Humph, you kinky little devil,” Emmy now relishing the instant power she has over me.

I can feel it. I can’t stop her from looking, I know her. Nothing is stopping her from shouting it out to the whole Pub.

“I actually find it quite sexy, seeing a man wearing hot panties. And in shocking blue too!”

I can feel Emmy’s cool hand slide down the back of my Jeans over the top of the lace that is binding my arse. I shoot her a look and she leans forward and whispers in my ear,

“This feels nice Humph. Your ass feels fucking hot in Lace.”

Her hands slide all over the back of my ass slowly, I close my eyes to really concentrate on how it feels. My cock is now fighting against the front of my panties and is lurching up and down as if gasping for air.

“Lean forward my little panty wearing slut,” Emmy says in a low sultry tone.

I don’t know if it’s the drink talking but I have never heard Emmy talk like this before. For the briefest of moments the whole pub comes back into focus as I look around hurriedly to see if anyone is looking. No-one can see us. I lean forward as instructed and I can feel Emmy’s cool hand trace across my exposed cheeks and her finger starts tracing a line down the Lace where it meets my skin. Her hand is now fully down the back of my Jeans and I pop the top button to give her some room. As soon as my Jeans loosen I can feel her fingers run under the lace and down to my asshole, my hot quivering asshole.

“Do you like that?,” Emmy whispers to me.

“Uhh- hmm,” Is all I can respond as I lean forward even more in submission, elbows on the table.

I close my eyes again and feel my heart racing. I try and relax my muscles as much as I can as I feel her cold finger now pressing on my hot asshole. She runs her fingers up and down the crack of my ass where it is all hot and sweaty. She is lubricating her finger ready for penetrating my sphincter. Her finger returns to my pulsating hole. As her finger now slides into my asshole she whispers,

“I am going to fuck your hot ass with my finger,”

This made me whimper and tense up a little and I could feel my anus fighting her finger as it pushed on in to me.

“Oh fuck your hole feels so tight and fuckable!,” Emmy says to me, panting.

Her panting now matches my panting. Emmy is getting just as turned on as I am. Her hand rocks back and forth allowing her finger to move in and out of my ass with quickening pace. I can feel myself rocking forward and back over my elbows as my asshole gets a fucking from Emmy’s finger. This is the first time my ass has had a fucking from someone else. Before it had always been me toying with myself but this time I am not controlling how fast, how slow, how hard, how soft it is. My asshole is at the mercy of this woman and her wonderful fingers. I say fingers because now there are 2 fucking my hole and I can feel a wave of pre-orgasm wash over me and I instinctively reach down to my cock and as I grab hold of it through my Jeans I feel Emmy’s hand on top of mine.

“Let him go,” Emmy says cheekily, “I want him.”

Emmy’s hand is how gently tugging at my cock through my jeans and I can feel the lace move up and over the head. It feels wonderful and already wet with pre-cum. Emmy looks down at my crotch and says,

“You haven’t cum have you?”

I look down and see a dark patch starting to show through my light jeans.

“No, that’s pre- cum,” I say as I start to rock back and forth on her fingers deep within my ass.

“I can’t wait to see how wet you’ll get when you do cum then. I want to feel you fill your lace panties with your hot cum.”

As if by command I start to writhe uncontrollably as stream after stream of hot cum starts spurting out into my tightly packed crotch. My asshole grabs hold of her fingers repeatedly as I am spunking myself. A bead of cum rolls down the inside of my crotch round past my balls and coats the outside of her fingers that are slowly being removed from my asshole. She takes a moment to massage the cum into my asshole like she was applying an ointment.

“You came a lot Humph! Fucking hell!” Emmy exclaims.

“Oh my fucking god Emmy!,” Is all I am able to muster.

I look at her in the eyes. She smiles at me and giggles as if she has just done something naughty. She had, my god she had. But she hadn’t finished. She looks me back in the eyes and says,

“Cover yourself up, were walking out of here so we can go back to yours and I can take a closer look at the mess you made in your beautiful panties.”

We leave our drinks…

My First Time With TS

This a true accounting of the first time I was with a Tgirl. There have been many since, but this will always be my favourite encounter.

I used to work up in northern Alberta years ago. The schedule was one week in and one week out. Shift change was always on the Wednesday. So on Wednesday morning I would pack up and head to work at about 5 am. I would roll into work between 11 to 11:30 am and start my week. The next Wednesday I would be all packed up and heading home to Calgary by about 12:30 pm.

The trip could always take me around Edmonton but I usually passed through Edmonton to make a stop at a Massage Parlour or maybe see what girls were on the street that looked inviting. This one particular trip I saw this amazing looking girl standing on one of the regular stroll streets. She was dressed in jeans and a sort of western shirt. She reminded me of the girls you see in the barrel riding at the rodeo. She had long brunette hair, tanned complexion, slender and a great smile. I circled around and she was still there so I stopped and she hopped in and I pulled away.

We had the usual conversation, you know, are you a cop? How much? You know the routine. We agreed on a donation and headed to her place. Not the usual routine for a street lady who usually have a hotel room or some little secret spot to park. We went to her townhouse in the NE of Edmonton.

During the trip we had some light conversation, you know, the weather, exchanging names, a little small talk. I could not help but notice she was giving me some pretty strange looks, like she was sizing me up, trying to figure me out. It was kind of weird but I did not let it deter me. She was hot, had a sexy voice, and I was already anticipating some hot sex.

We arrived at her place and went in. She said she would be right back; she wanted to slip into something more comfortable. She told me to get comfortable myself which I took as get naked so I did. On her way up the stairs she had stopped and turned on her TV and started a VCR playing (yes, this is per-dvd days). Once naked I looked up to see what was playing on the TV and low and behold there was this hot looking girl leaning back in a limo receiving some face from a guy. When the camera zoomed in he was not licking pussy, but sucking cock. I was like holy shit! Never had I seen anything like that before. Now I am not naive or anything, I was well aware of transvestites and shemales, just never actually seen one in video.

Well a few moments later this lovely girl comes down the stairs and is dressed in a sexy white baby-doll, garter and nylons. I was very impressed and aroused. She looks at the TV and then at me. Looking back at the TV she says that the t-girl in the video is a friend of hers and asked if I was okay with the video. Sure I said, it did not bother me. Good she says, and then sits down beside me and we start kissing and she is playing with my dick. It’s not long before she is bending down and licking and sucking my cock. I start to play with her boobs and it is not long before the baby-doll is off. I do some booby sucking, lick, and fondling. She then does this amazing thing where she squeezes her nipple and some milk appears. Not a lot, just a small dribble. I lick it off.

She has this really nice fur rug in front of her fireplace and we move to there and continue with our fun. We continue with more kissing, fondling, groping, sucking and caressing. She then says that she needs me inside her. At this point her panties come off and there it is, a cock. I had no idea until that very moment she had one, it was an amazing tuck job to be sure. I kind of stared at it and she gets this worried look on her face and asked if I was okay. Sure, you just took me by surprise. She asks me if I am okay with it. I think for a moment. I am a pretty open minded guy. I would even call myself adventurous. I reach out and gently wrapped my hand around her cock. I had never touched a cock before, well except my own. It was already half erect and putting my little guy to shame. I said sure, I am okay with it.

She then puts a hat on my little guy and lowers herself onto it. As she is bouncing up and down on my cock I was totally mesmerized by her cock and how it moved. I suddenly had a new fascination. She kept riding me cowgirl until I was getting ready to pop, then she hopped off. The hat came off and she started to suck me off again. We were almost in a sixty-nine position, her hard as rock cock almost in my face and dripping pre-cum. I could not help myself; I had to have a taste so I took the head of her cock in my mouth and cleaned the pre-cum off. It was not a bad taste as I had feared. As I was about to cum I warned her and she let go of my cock with her mouth and I shot my load all over my belly. She got on her knees beside me and stroked herself until her seed spilled out and mingled with mine.

She then told me not to move and went and got a towel to clean up with. When that was complete she snuggled in and asked me how it was. I have never had a BJ (up to that point anyway) as good as she just gave me and it was the first time I had ever done greek. I told her awesome, and that I had a great time. I thanked her and she thanked me for not freaking out or doing something more extreme.

I left her place and continued on my way back home.

That was my very first time with a T-girl and though I did not do much more than take her in my mouth for a couple moments, and hold her cock for a few seconds, I was totally fascinated by her cock. That translated to cock in general. I have not met a t-girl since with as big a cock as her’s and I have seen some with pretty big cocks.

After much soul searching over the next couple months I decided I had to try to see her again. Never could find her on that street so I pretty much gave up. I decided to call a t-girl escort that was in the Edmonton Sun. I rented a hotel room and made the call. Set up an appointment with the t-girl (Zena I believe she went by). When she arrived I was surprised to find it was my girl from the street. Needless to say it was another great experience. This time I did more than the last time and I really enjoyed her cumming on my face as I brought her to climax sucking her off.

Sadly, I have never seen her again. Don’t know what happened to her. If she is here and remembers me, not likely as this is 19 years ago, I want to thank her broadening my horizons.

I got fucked by two T-girls by surprise

This is a true story no bs Skip to the end if you just want to read the part about the threesome this is just the back story. I met this shemale on Grindr and I went to her place and she was a super passable Hispanic girl. She pulled out her cock and she was really hung 10 inches thick but not redicuolusy so thankfully. She grabbed my head and made me suck her cock. She face fucked my mouth really hard. Then she came a decent sized load in my mouth and I savored the taste for a little while before swallowing it. She then kept fucking me. I normally have no trouble deep throating a nice cock but because of her size I found myself needing to catch a breath of air often. She kept making me gag And it hurt but I didn’t want to stop I liked having every inch of her cock down my throat. She then got up and briefly rode my cock I’m a little less hung then her I’m 9 inches it hurt her so she decided to put me on my back and pull my legs up in the air and fuck me. It hurt so bad she pounded my ass with all her energy I almost begged her to stop cause I couldn’t take it then after awhile I begged her to stay inside me it felt so good. She jerked me off till I came while her cock was fucking me. I shot a huge load felt so good. Then I saw her again literally the next day and this time was brief but satisfying. I came over again and she fucked my throat this time I was better at deep throating her. She fucked my hole again and then made me get on my knees watch her jack off for a few seconds then she made me swallow her load. At this point I was getting addicted to swallowing shemale cum. I wish I could swallow T-girl cum everyday. A couple days passed by and last night I came over again. I was surprised when I walked into her room. There was another hot passable T-girl sitting on her bed. She introduced her as her friend. They are both Hispanic from Mexico. She then said ” Do you like my friend” are you nervous? I replied Im not nervous but excited. I’ve always wanted to try two T-Girls at once and this was finally happening. We all took our clothes off her friends cock wasn’t as big as hers it was about 7 inches. I had two beautiful cocks in front of me. The girl with the 10 inch cock grabbed my head like usual and had me suck her cock in front of her friend. Then I started sucking off the other girl. The one with the huge cock started sucking me while I kept her friends cock down my throat. Then the hung girl wanted me to fuck her nice ass while her friend put her clit inside me. It felt amazing having my cock inside a beautiful ass while being fucked by another cock. I sucked her off a little more after she stopped fucking me. Unfortunately she felt uncomfortable with group situations but said she wanted to have fun with just me and her another time. It was fun taking turns sucking both of their cocks. The hung one kept fucking me while the other one watched us and jerked off. I sucked her cock licked her head all the way down her shaft and sucked her balls. She fucked me so hard it was exciting her friend was watching and jerking off but I wish she was still fucking me to. Her friend left and I unfortunately didn’t see her cum she was too shy in front of the other girl. Now it was just me and the hung girl I kept sucking her cock and then I tounge fucked that girls ass for a good hour and my mouth was already sore from having two cocks fuck my mouth all night. Unfortunately I didn’t get to get either of them to cum that night. It got super late and I had to go home. It was a fun experience it did leave me wanting allot more though. I wanted to swallow both of their loads, watch them fuck each other, and have the other girl involved more in the fun. It was awesome though I crossed a fantasy off my list. I need to try fucking a girl with a shemale now.

Fucked by T-girl

Well, as a Barcelona and transsexual enthusiast I can’t be left out of this post. I lived there in 2015, with 19 years of age, from the end of June to the beginning of November. I was alone and horny. I hooked up with some girls (every time I refer to “girls” in this forum, I’m talking about trans women) in some clubs and all of that, had some great experiences there. But I wanted the feeling of paying a girl for sex. The feeling I had for my first time. The control. It’s not the best kind of relation, IMO, the buyer and the seller, I much more prefer having sex without money being so directly and explicitly involved, but it’s different feelings, as I said, and I wanted to be the buyer again, just to feel. I had money. And then I looked online and found the one I thought was the best for me. Monika Tous, was her name. Tall, tattooed, pretty, brunette, white skin, nice feet, long toes, long legs, toned and hung. No dick photos, though, and that is usually a deal-breaker for me, as I had some disappointments before. I talked to her on WhatsApp and got all the info I needed. We scheduled a day and hour, a “cita”, as they say there, and I decided to take the risk. So I got there. The door is opened by the woman in the pictures, even more beautiful, with her smooth spanish voice and bitter-sweet flowerish woodish sexy smell. She invites me in. Nice apartment, well organized and decorated, very shadish, dark and sexy atmosphere, tones of red being absorbed by your eyes, and there she is, in front of you. Not a girl, a woman. A tall, sexy woman. In her robes, ready to be naked. We go to her room and sit on her bed. Start to talk, I’m kind of nervous, as usual. Small talk only, as usual. She takes my hand and puts it above her cock, on the robe. She opens her robe. And there it is, my hand is grabbing her cock. The thick cock, big cock. It was warm and post-shower clean and kind of moist from the heat it was making in Barcelona. And she is looking at me with a naughty pretty face. Grabs my face with her long-fingered hand and pushes it towards her red mouth and starts to kiss me. Her tongue, damn, she was licking all my mouth from the inside, licking my neck, kissing my neck, my chest, my face. Her cock was hard. The transition was fast. Even in the soft form it was big and thick and beautiful. Then suddenly it became so hard, stone hard, and so pink, and thick and big and delicious. She said for me to suck her dick while downing my head in direction to her crotch. I was there in front of that pretty dick and all I could do was open my mouth. Just swallowed it whole, masturbated it, licked it. Damn, what a perfect dick. And she making me gag, thrusting it in my throat, whispering naughty spanish words to me, and it kept getting harder. We lied on the bed and started to suck each other off. She knew what she was doing. She liked it. She was sucking my dick so good and her mouth was so wet and sloppy and deep. That felt awesome while I was licking her hard cock and then, licking and sucking her toes and soles. Her feet was soft, but not so soft, and kind of big, and skinny and bonish, and her toes were long and her nails well-done. It was amazing. After a while there, she stops what we’re doing and goes bag to kissing me, this time she is above me, and I’m laying in my back, below her. She kisses me good and with passion. She is between my legs and I can feel her hard pole poking my butt-hole, grinding with my dick. She is thirsty, she wants my ass and I can see it, that woman, kissing me, like an animal, wanting to fuck me, wanting to penetrate me. She grabs the condom so quickly and wraps her cock so quickly. Goes back kissing my neck and I can just feel that dick sliding through my ass, smoothly, with manners. It hurts a little but I like the pain. And then it is deep inside me. It is deep. It opens my asshole and she begins to fuck me. That gentleness is gone and she starts to fuck me hard. Her thick penis pushing and pulling on my hole, with passionate violence, with dominance, and she is above me, looking at me. She puts her fingers on my cheeks, opens my mouth with her hand and spits on my tongue, then slaps me on the face. Kisses me. Fuck me. She says she wants to fuck me from behind, doggystyle. It’s and order and I’m her dog, now. I’m her slave, I do whatever she wants me to do. She penetrates me, she sticks her bone, again, in my ass. Now she slaps my butt-cheeks from behind, while fucking me. She lays her upper body behind me, and I can feel her breasts against my back, and they’re warm and sweaty, Barcelona is hot, and one of her legs is around me, she licks my ear, she sticks her tongue inside my ear, she licks my neck, my back, the side of my face, she mumble some things, she makes some noises, she grabs my head and kisses me, all of that while fucking my ass with desire. She says she will cum, and I ask it on my face. I lay down, she sits on my chest and with two pumps of masturbate she unloads a big and thick cum on my face and mouth, and sticks her veiny, pulsing cock on my mouth. She sighs and lay besides me, kisses me and licks the cum on the rest of my face. I cum. I cum like I never came before. It’s 6 or 7 strong and fast, distant thick loads on my face, her face, my body, her wall and her bed. We laugh about it. I’m dead. I’m dead like that was all I needed to do with my life. That was the peak of living. The sex, the life, the fluids, the passion, the warmth. Like a thunder or an eruption, like a storm, It’s and exaggeration of energy and power. There’s no more life and death. I’m just there cuddling with a beautiful sexy woman.

I smoke a cigarette, we talk a little bit more, and we say goodbye to each other, while I pay her. She kisses me on the cheek and I’m off to my home. Some days later she invites me to her place, she wanted to fuck me again.