A hung Peruvian beauty used my ass

Browsing around the Transsexual escort ads here in town I found a new girl, something else than the typical manly faces with heavily photoshopped pictures. A Peruvian girl named Isabella had just arrived in town and was open for business. She has a few retouched pictures but also some natural selfies in which you can see she is an absolute stunner.

So, after the usual moment of doubt I decided to go for it and give her a call. She has an incredibly sweet and feminine voice, so much in fact I doubted if this was really the T-girl I had seen in the pictures. It was worth a shot, I agreed I would see her in 40 min. and a quick metro ride after I stood in front of her door. She opened up and was everything I thought and hoped she would be exactly like in the pictures. A beautiful slim girl with nice C+ breasts and a great ass.

After a quick shower and payment she asked me what I wanted and quickly undressed, stripping away her sexy pink bikini. Seeing that incredible 7 inch cock hanging between her legs I immediately got hard, I told her to come closer and took her still soft sweet shecock in my mouth. A few licks and strokes later and she was hard, I am definitely a fan of sucking cock so we moved to 69ing and she began licking my balls and stroking mine.

She had already rubbed her finger over my ass a few times and now she started to lick it too. Soon after she told me she wanted to fuck me and I laid down on my chest. Without warning she shoved her cock inside of me without a condom on. It was kind of kinky as I had never felt a cock inside of me without condom but resisting the urge to continue I asked her to put on some protection. After putting on a bright red condom and applying some extra lube she went at it again and started fucking my ass like there was no tomorrow.

She had been a little cold so far but that was all gone once she was inside of me, she clearly enjoy being on top and she was abusing my asshole like I´ve never felt before. She was incredibly rough and pumped her cock in and out of me at an insane speed and with a very firm grip on my sides. Even though it hurt a but at times as she went very deep, I love being fucked and it has a certain allure to be abused and dominated by a girl with a cock.

While she was ravaging me I lifted my ass a little and started to sit on hands an knees, when all of a sudden she jolted and stopped. When I asked her if something was wrong she told me she came inside of me. I hadn´t even notice, this beautifull t-girl enjoyed fucking my ass so much that she shot her load in me. She pulled out and I saw her condom was filled with a big juicy load. I had always fantasized of having a t-girl come inside of me and afterwards having her squeeze the cum out of the condom and have it drip all over my body, and so I asked her to do so. I started to jerk off and he dripped her huge warm creamy load over my cock, my chest and my face. Guys I´ll tell you, this was the horniest thing I have ever experienced and when I saw and tasted her cum I immediately shot my load all over myself.

This was an incredible experience that I won´t soon forget, I recommend all of you out there who are thinking of visiting a transsexual escort to go ahead and do so! Of course it´s scary and you can have some bad apples but when you do good research you might encounter a great girl like Isabella.

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