Hung N the City

At Brandis and Miller Inc, Mike is finishing his last day of a 6 month internship as a law student and will soon face a tight job market in a field that is difficult to find work in. Being the only male beyond a janitorial role in the firm, he has encountered some hostility from many of the women working there, from lower staff all the way up to top level senior officers. His previous enounter with the 2 top officers were of particular interest. Gloria, the 49 year old brown haired curvy vice president of the company showed her vile attitude toward him when he had just started. In an effort to make a good initial impression, he went around introducing himself to everyone. When he came into Gloria’s office, she talked down to him harshly.

“Hi, Gloria, I’m the new intern, Mike. Nice to meet you. Very excited to…”

Excuse me. In case you aren’t aware, I am a very busy woman. I don’t care who you are or what you’re excited about. Not sure why you are talking to me but I’m gonna need you to stop right now and get the fuck out of my office. Got it?

Deeply humiliated, he left her alone and had great difficulty moving on from such a hostile encounter. Through it all, he stayed focused and did a great job during his employment. With regard to Yolonda, the CEO of the firm, his encounter with her was more pleasant. On his second day, he went into the restroom and there she was standing at the urinal. Standing just a few feet away from her, he couldn’t resist pulling his eyes over. What he saw was the biggest most aggressive looking cock in his life and he had seen quite a few, being bisexual himself. It was so big that he felt his blood pressure instantly increase from excitement. The 47 year old amazon stood there, in her skin tight expensive business slacks and sleeveless silk top, shiny jewelry, blonde hair tied up in a tight bun allowing him to see the defined contours of her beautiful face. She was already done relieving herself when he entered but was standing there doing her post pee shake, flopping her giant appendage around a few more times, as if she wanted him to look at it. He sees her massive arrow shaped bright red head and long flaccid shaft in her hand for several seconds before she tucks it back in. While doing so, she looks over at Mike and catches him staring. Smiling arrogantly she says,

I hate being this hung sometimes, having to stand here and shake forever. There’s always one more drip when you’re this big. Hmmm…

She zips up and heads out the door, giving him a perfect view of her meaty shapely ass in those tight pants on her way out. The memory is stamped in his mind permanently, never to be forgotten and replays every night as he falls asleep. Craving her has been eating away at him ever since. Now, having just finished his last day and boarding the elevator to head down to the lobby for the final time, Gloria and Yolonda rush into it with him at the last second, running late to a business meeting across the city. The tall and strikingly beautiful ladies stand right in front of him, chatting to each other about business plans, ignoring Mike’s presence as usual. Their strong perfume quickly fills the small space. He looks down at their ass and thick, defined legs, exposed by short skirts and perfectly accentuated by their high heels. Quite a nice visual treat in his final moments at the firm.

The elevator display slowly counts down floor after floor. 24, 23, 22, 21, 20…
When it gets to the 15th floor, things take an unexpected turn. The elevator slows down noticeably and then a loud bang is heard. Violent shakes occur, nearly knocking them off their feet. Mike’s heart races and all 3 scream in fear as it grinds it’s way to a rough stop. Mike, Gloria and Yolonda collect themselves, calming their fear, waiting helplessly and nervously for it to fall again.

Gloria) Fuck, perfect, just perfect. Unbelievable.

She opens the panel under the display and calls the service department. They indicate that they are aware of the problem, and instruct the 3 of them to remain calm and be patient. They also ask if there are any lights on, due to the camera feed being destroyed and showing total darkness on their screen. Even in this circumstance both ladies are yet to acknowledge Mike. He stands there for while and keeps to himself, figuring they don’t want to speak to him anyway.

As times goes on, he continues looking at their bodies, fantasizing about them to occupy his mind as they complain endlessly about how hard their lives are, ignorant of their extreme privilege. He thinks of that huge penis he knows Yolonda is packing. Once again it’s just feet away from him. Excitement takes hold as he realizes that he may have a golden opportunity on his hands. “What if” he thinks to himself. “What if…she’ll let me…blow her? We might fall to our deaths, she could use one last sucking. They both could.”

Over the next 10 minutes, now 40 minutes into being trapped, he is nervously sorting out in his head how to make his offer to them. Shocked at what he is about to do in such a dark moment, he works up the nerve to just go for it.

“Excuse me, ladies.”

They turn and look at him, annoyed and listening.

“Uh, I…uh…was thinking…th…that, maybe umm…………..would either of you like…a blowjob?”

They stare at each other, confused.

“I,…I’m serious. Look, we might die in here. They still haven’t made it to us. You 2 don’t remember me but I’m the intern. Today is my last day. I find you both very hot and would love the opportunity to pleasure you both right now. What do you have to lose, right? Please, I want to.”

Yolonda) Well, you got some balls coming out with a proposal like that. Huh…hmmm. That doesn’t sound like a terrible idea to me. Gloria?

As she ponders, danger makes itself known again and the elevator slams hard against the surrounding walls.


Gloria) DAMN!!!…You know what, kid. Why the fuck not. We just might die in here…and I have a hard on anyway. Let’s do it.

The surreal moment comes true as the ladies approach Mike. Yolonda faces him, pulls her skirt up revealing no underwear and her beautiful shaved meat falls out, swinging around right in front of him, just as beautiful as he remembered. It does not fail to shock him again, the size of it being almost inhuman. She steps up close to him and he gets on his knees. Taking hold of it, he is captivated by the smooth skin and huge head. It starts to grow and get heavy in his hand. With it half erect, he shoves as much of it in his mouth as he can, with the musky sweaty taste saturating his cheeks and tongue. He has never had this much trouble sucking a cock, having to stretch his jaw painfully wide to accommodate her girth. Bobbing his back and forth, her large wrinkled balls swing around and smack against his neck, making it more difficult to resist gagging. Yolonda tilts her head back, moaning and being impressed with Mike’s skills. She grabs his head and pulls him closer, forcing herself deeper down his throat, choking him.

Oh yeah. Suck mama’s corporate dick, nice and good. Just like that. Whoo, slow down little guy, nice and steady.

Gloria, having stood by and watched thus far, has become fully aroused at the pleasure her associate is experiencing and lifts her own skirt, pulling her panties off and kicking them aside. Then she lifts her buttoned shirt up, letting her double d tits and erect nipples hang freely. Mike sees out the corner of his eye her huge swinging dick approaching. She stands over him and bounces it up and down against his shoulder, leaving a few drops of pre cum soaking into his shirt.

Removing Yolonda from his mouth, he turns and grabs Gloria’s, which seems to be even bigger. Her genitals are in many ways a polar opposite to Yolonada’s. She has a thick curly brown bush extending almost to her stomach and almost completely covering her middle aged sagging balls. Her dick is a few shades darker than the rest of her olive skin, with a thick fleshy foreskin. As he brings it closer to his mouth, he can smell a strong ass odor on it from being tucked in between her cheeks all day. Pulling the long sweaty foreskin back allows some smelly creamy discharge to leak from it onto the floor. This is the most disgusting dick he has yet encountered but the incredibly hot moment and his hyper aroused state of mind, along with the massive size of her allows him to shove it right in his mouth without hesitation and suck on it with enthusiasm. With both fiercely endowed women standing over him, feeling the heat from their large bodies, he alternates between sucking each one for several minutes as they moan in pleasure and breathe heavily. Even as the elevator continues to periodically grind and shake, they ignore it, escaping into the sexual bliss.

He caresses their strong shapely smooth legs for awhile. In her excitement, Yolonda grabs his hand and wraps it around her balls, telling him to squeeze them. A few minutes pass then Gloria grunts and twitches, pulls her dick out of his mouth and immediately sprays ejaculate forward, hitting Mike’s face and splattering all over the wall behind him. Yolonda instructs Mike to stand up and drop his pants. As he unzips, she grabs them and throws them down herself, overwhelmed by an intense mixture of fear and arousal. She turns him around and with more strength than he imagined she would have, and easily bends him over. Just a second later he feels his ass being penetrated by the CEO of the firm. The pressure makes him gasp as his rectum is forced open. She starts pumping away with reckless force, slamming herself deep into him, without a condom or lube. She grabs his arms and pulls him into her even harder. While getting dominated by her, Gloria has another erection and puts her cock back in his mouth, still dripping her cum from the first orgasm. She holds his head still and thrusts her hips back and forth.

Both women are having their way with him, pouring sweat from their faces, ravaging Mike in their hyper aggressive sexual hunger. The elevator shakes once more. Yolonda lets out a bloody scream and quickly pulls out, bursting hard all over his back and neck for the first few contractions. Her orgasm becomes even stronger and her cum fires farther, hitting Gloria’s stomach while she face fucks Mike. With his hands now free, he jerks himself to an orgasm while Gloria releases her 2nd one right into his mouth this time. Her long dick shoots straight down his throat, forcing him to swallow every burst she releases. After being free from their grip, he drops to his hands and knees to catch his breath as they slowly massage their cocks back to a flaccid state.

With everyone suddenly sober, he looks on as they quietly begin to put their clothes back in position and struggle to tuck their huge semi swollen cocks under such small skirts. While pulling his pants back up, Mike notices the big cum load Gloria shot, still running down the wall and pooling on the floor in the corner.

Now dressed and still in shock at what just transpired, he stands there behind them again, a somber silence having replaced the sexual excitement that distracted them just a moment earlier. He notices Yolonda writing on her business note pad, while Gloria twirls her hair.

He remains quiet as well for the remainder of their stay, thinking about the difficulty finding a job he is about to face. The rescue team finally arrives an hour later and the mood takes a much needed change to optimism. The sound of another human voice has never been more appreciated. They lower the elevator to the lobby, pry the doors open and help them all out one at a time. Before she climbs out, Yolonda pats Mike on his chest and smiles seductively. Standing in the hallway able to once again breathe fresh air, he looks on as the hung ladies are embraced by the cheerful staff. Soon after, they power walk toward the main door and disappear into the busy streets, back to business as usual. He heads to the restroom to wipe their mess from his face. While looking at himself in the mirror, he notices a card in his shirt pocket, right where Yolonda patted him moments ago. On the backside she had written,

Way to take initiative. Exactly the qualities we need here. Call me next week, I’ll get you a job with a great salary!

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