Dominated by a rough Thai massager in Pattaya

About 4 days into my 2 week trip I decided to go for a nice long deep massage. There are massage joints all over Thailand and they are dirt cheap too. But I didn’t want any massage though, I wanted it to be done by one of the sexiest ladyboys going.

As usual, the sun is shinning down, it is absolutely piping hot outside. After a nice sun bathing session, I took a shower and decided to go looking for a nice rub down. Not too far from my hotel I walked around the back streets of soi 6. It didn’t take me long before I was hailed by a number of GGs and ladyboys for a massage. I kept on walking as none of them stood out for me.

Then I saw her, or should I say them, a ladyboy who had enormous boobs and a nice toned body, cute face, around a size 12 with gently applied makeup and good looks. She was wearing her work gown made up of brown and orange, pretty boring but the breast were on full display. I was hypnotised by her beauty and relaxed calm looks. Being with her was a must, no excuses!

We agreed a price of 500 bhat for a full body massage and before you know it, I was entering a dark mysterious looking building and walking up a wooden staircase that creaked with every step. Of course I’m thinking to myself, this girl could cut my body up and sell me off as Thai food and nobody would know. Dangerous move but worth the risk as all of that paranoid nonsense was rubbish.

We enter a room which is lit with mood lighting, two beds which are covered by curtains, old Thai decor is all over the room, dark, sleek and sexy. She tells me to get onto the bed and tells me she will be back. I sit, I wait, I try to set up my spy camera to record what is going to take place but gave up. After what feels like an eternity, she is back, wearing less clothes now, just underwear. She wore a spectacular silky smooth black knickers and bra combo that looked stunning.

I get a good clear shot of her body now and it is firm and solid. Her whole body looks like pure muscle I kid you not, minimal fat. It looks as if she goes to the gym, everything is toned and her legs look as if she runs. Her skin is beautiful, soft and caramel brown due to the nice hot sunshine providing her with a tan.

We sat on the bed, she instructs me to take my clothes off and I comply. I strip down to my boxing shorts and dive back onto the bed where she begins to rub me down slowly on my back, professionally with care and attention to every action. We move into so many positions so that she can work my body properly, what a dream as I slowly fall under her spell.

An hour is up, my body feels worn, relaxed and used when she decides to hop up on the bed onto her knees and as I lay on my back, she makes a gesture that she will suck my cock. I say “ok” and she replies “how much you give”?. I tell her I have only 500 for the massage, she sighs, pauses and begins to reach for my cock anyway. She reaches for my boxers and pulls them off in a hurry.

She bows down and uses her beautiful soft mouth to lick and suck on the head of my cock. Pulling and tugging on my dick which is rock hard and ready to go into action. She sucks intensively for around 10 mins before pulling away. I tell her I want to see her later, she pauses and whispers to me that she is a ladyboy. I laugh and tell her I know, and with that she pulls down her black knickers past her solid strong thighs to reveal her thick 9 inch cock, definitely bigger than mine. Her tool was longer, thicker and very dangerous looking.

I gave her cock a few sucks and slurps before telling her that we will continue this later. We exchanged numbers (of which I still have) and agreed on a 1000 bhat sex session at my hotel later that evening at 11pm. I left the parlour with a smile on my face and thought about how I would give it to her later that evening.

It’s around 10:55pm and I get a phone call, it’s the hotel reception to tell me I have a guest, I wonder who that could be now. I kid you not, she was at my door a few mins before our agreed time. A tap at the door, I look through the peep hole and she’s there, she put in an effort and looks stunning. I make her wait for a moment, let her think I’m busy before opening the door and letting her into my cool room.

She enters my room, her high heels make a tap sound as she walks across the tiled floor before sitting on my bed. We have a little chat and I ask her why does her body looks so strong, she explains that it’s the hormones that she takes. She ask if she can take a shower before jumping in. Of course I would have joined her but fucking ladyboys isn’t the same as fucking GGs as you know, they have a dick. And of course there’s loads of anal sex involved. And of course anal sex may involve shit, so you have to let a trans do what they have to do in privacy.

Ok, shower done and she dries herself off. I can’t sit there and watch, I approach her damp body and grab her by the waist. We kiss, a seductive slow kiss that makes time stand still. I grab her firm amazing tits and play with her hard thick nipples on my tongue. We move towards the bed embraced in a lock, sucking and licking wildly.

We release and move into a 69 position, not saying a word to each other, just knowing what we have to do and doing it to. I struggle to get her cock down my throat, this thing looks bigger than at the parlour. I doubt whether I can handle all of her. The room is heating up. The AC blows onto our naked bodies cooling us down as the friction provides all the heat we need. After swallowing her sweet precum down my throat and into my stomach.. it’s time. The time for her to fuck me.

I have the condoms and lube ready under the pillows this time. I give her one before she rolls it onto her shaft, applies lube. Her long stick is waving to me and moving a second after her into whatever direction. I position my self into a doggy position with my palms on the wall where a headboard would be, on my knees. She is behind me, approaching me, gearing to go and waddles towards me on the firm bed, making it creek with every movement.

I can feel the strength of her body, she guides me into the position that she wants and desires. There’s a pause.. silence as she squeezes her stiff cock into me.. I moan out “shit”! The realisation that she is going to hurt me and that she is going to fuck the shit out of me. She begins to push her dick inside of me, holding my waist so that she could apply more force and continues to destroy my ass!

She is enjoying herself, letting out all her stress, not holding back, pounding on my hole as I feel nothing but pure pain. I pulled her out of me in a hurry and scream for more lube. We take a breather, apply more lube before going at it again, same position with the same result. This time she feels as if she is deeper, I feel every inch inside of me. Every time she bumps her waist into me I make a coughing noise that I cannot contain, she ignores that and keeps going as I moan in pain.

She continues to pound away, the bed was shaking and thudding, I can’t take it anymore, doggy position is hurting me too much I attempt to push her off of me. I say attempt because she wasn’t having it, she was enjoying what was taking place. This is the moment where this could have been seen as rape if I had not been the one who organised our sexual encounter.

This sexy delicious ladyboy used her strength to force me onto my belly and fucked the loving daylights out of me. She was clearly stronger than me and I go to the gym. I could feel her pinning me down and she was not stopping. All I could do was moan and take it, and it fucking hurt as hell. All I could do was close my eyes and take it as she grunted with every push of her cock. Pulling back and ramming into me, I couldn’t even speak, just make a coughing noise.

Until she moaned, I know why she moaned, you know why she moaned, she’s reached her climax, she’s done what she had to do and filled the condom with her thick creamy juices. She pulls out of me with a suction noise from my anus. I can’t move, I have to lay there for a moment. I look at her in shock, disbelief as to how she fucked me.

I want revenge, I tell her “ok, your turn let me fuck you now”. She laughs and says “no way”. She knows I wanted to be just as rough and rowdy as she was, not caring if I was in pain. I say ok and tell her next time. She ask for another position but I tell her I don’t want anymore after just 30 mins.

I didn’t call her again, do you really think I would take on her again? I did walk past the massage parlour and saw her a couple of times just sitting there waiting for a next unsuspecting customer who will take on more than they think they can handle.

Here’s a picture of her, if you want to take her on PM me and I can give you her name, number and location. She’s clearly 100% top, I think she gets off on fucking men as rough as possible.

Of course I needed a two day break from anal sex after that one. After she left, I saw a couple blood spots on the tissue after dabbing my arse. My anus was sore for days, she ripped me apart.

And to the rest of you, do not be fooled by a pretty face. Ladyboys are horny and ready to go, some will barely get a customer all day so they are dying to let it all out.. where ever you want it

One more story to come..

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